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HSD Green Display


ApplicationReplace high-brightness modules for outdoor applications
Advertising player
Bus stop sign
Electronic tags
Application1.Ultra Low Power Consumption
>>>Low Power Scan reduced the power consumption of Panel
2.Readable under Sunlight
>>Reflective LCD is suitable for outdoor application
3.Vivid Color
>>More color number : 2、3、8、64、16.7M
4.Fast Response Time / Refresh Rate
>>Fast response time can support dynamic information
5.Wide Temp. Range
>>Wide temperature reliability Range (-30~80C)
>>UV Resistance (Glass LCD base)
6.Eyes Care
>>Remove backlight (Blue Light) to reduce eye hazard
Size2.13" black and white total reflection module
5" color total reflection module
13.3" black, white and red total reflection module (applicable to bus stop signs)